Excellent Derma Clock for Sunscreen and Vitalization of Biorhythm



  • Derma Clock is the raw materials for the next generation of Bio-cosmetics.

    Nam-Kyung Kim, the chief strategy officer of RADIANT, said at the In-Cosmetics Korea Exhibition held at COEX, “Our own self-developed material; Derma Clock can restore healthy skin by recovering the broken skin rinds by maintaining the improvement in the gene expression of biological clock”.

    The Derma Clock is the Chinese Cucumber extract, which is the plant of Jeju Island in Korea, and has no impact on Nagoya’s sentiment, which is the biggest issue throughout the industry (the agreement on profit sharing for biological resources), and it can be useful for marketing brands as it is known as ‘the flower that blooms at night’.

    He explained that the latest bio cosmetics materials include stem cells, IPS, and micro RNA, and a variety of products that are utilized by them are coming into the spotlight.

    Micro RNA plays a role in the expression of DNA and proteins, and it is also known to affect anti-inflammatory and skin aging prevention.

    In particular, the Derma Clock is a material that can normalize the rhythm of biological genes such as the Bmal-1, which is highly visible at night, and Per and Cry, which are expressed during the day. Because it blocks ultraviolet light during the day and has a function to activate biorhythm and restore and DNA at night, it can be used as a day care material. He explained that related research has recently become active, following the fact that if the biomaterials don’t show up properly, aging is getting active.

    He added that tests on whether or not the biorhythm caused by UV rays caused Bmal-1 to be damaged by ultraviolet radiation showed the results of preventing damage and maintaining constancy in biomass genes such as Per and Cry.

    He also said that four-week human testing of cream containing 2 percent of Derma Clock also showed improvements in skin elasticity and roughness due to increased collagen synthesis, as well as safety data such as cytotoxicity.

    Due to its functionality, it has long been used as a medicine. Following the Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine, it has been used to treat inflammatory diseases, and there is a record that in China, Chinese Cucumber has been also used to manage the skin of beauty for a long time.

    Recently, research has been announced that it is effective in treating acne and atopic skin, and since it is being used as a research material for anti-cancer drugs by pharmaceutical companies, by-products are gaining spotlight as cosmetics products.

    “We expect that the Derma Clock, which is involved in the bio-rhythm, will become the next generation bio cosmetics material that keeps skin healthy and young as it has been confirmed to help maintain normal skin conditions”, said Nam-kyung Kim, CSO of RADIANT.