A management philosophy that values the non-financial elements of a company,
such as the environment, society and governance, and pursues sustainable business activities.

environmental policy

  • 01

    Actively comply with domestic and international environmental and safety and health regulations, international agreements, and rules.

  • 02

    Identify environmental impacts and safety and health risk factors in advance, and create a safe and healthy working environment through removal and preventive activities.

  • 03

    Regular education and special safety education are conducted periodically so that environmental policies can be understood and implemented.

  • 04

    Open it to stakeholders and encourage them to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations in environmental management.

  • 05

    Announce environmental policies to ensure the company's commitment and efforts to environmental management.

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  • 1. Social Responsibility

    - We faithfully comply with all domestic and international laws, rules, and self-government guidelines, that companies should follow in relation to social activities and commerce.

    - We do not take profits in unfair ways contrary to business ethics and commercial ethics.

    - All information is obtained by legitimate means and will not be used in an illegal way or leaked to third parties.

    - Recognizing competition as a driving force for mutual development, respecting the market economic and do nothing to interfere it.

    - Recognizing that corporate social responsibility begins with voluntary service to society, we actively participate in various social service activities and cultural industry development.

    - Contributing to the construction of a welfare society by faithfully fulfilling tax obligations and creating jobs

    - We will take the lead in enhancing the unity of the company and the community by encouraging employees to participate in community activities for expanding welfare facilities, supporting the underprivileged,

    - Do business in an environmentally friendly, actively participates in environmental protection and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

    - We take the lead in protecting the environment and conserving resources through resource saving and continuous technology development.

  • 2. Basic ethics

    - All employees respect each other as an independent person and do not behave badly or slander.

    - All employees do not bribery, loans and solidarity guarantees, or unfair solicitation each other.

    - All employees are aware of the company's goals and carry their task out with autonomous judgment and action and take responsibility for this.

    - All employees do their best in their duties under the given authority and responsibility, comply with all laws and regulations, and do not abuse the company's property for personal benefit.

    - All employees do not unfair collusion with competitors regarding to price, condition of sale and market allocation.

    - All employees make a harmonious organizational culture by respecting each other's privacy and creating an atmosphere to talk their suggestions and difficulties.

    - The senior develops junior’s talent and actively support.

    - Follow the safety rules strictly and prevent accidents.

    - Prohibit smoking except designated area in the workplace and not allow to do gambling or other socially unhealthy behaviors

  • 3. Fair job performance

    - In carrying out their duties, employees should not prefer or discriminate any individual or group.

    - Employees should not engage in any act that impedes the fair performance of other employees for their own or others' unfair advantage.

    - The superior should not instruct subordinates to impair fair performance in order to promote their own or third party's interests in violation of laws or regulations.

    - All transactions should be conducted fairly in equal and fully consulted on the terms and conditions.

    - Employees should not engage in any form of misconduct using superior status.

  • 4. Healthy corporate culture

    - Employees shall not establish factions or form private organizations in relation to kinship, etc. in the workplace.

    - Employees should not engage in any of the following acts that induce sexual temptation and sexual shame:
    a) Touching certain body parts
    b) Making obscene jokes or telling lewd and offending stories
    c) Evaluations of the person's appearance or sexual metaphors
    d) Post or display obscene pictures, images, or videos
    e) Compulsory drinking or dancing at dining
    f) Other acts that cause sexual shame

    - To the employees who have acted in violation of the code of business ethic, necessary measures will be taken, including discipline, etc.